Are there any other perks to getting coaching or mentorship services?

Yes, we are all about building a community and supporting one another. As a mentee, you have access to community folders, private events and/or 1 CE event at no additional costs. ***Restrictions apply: must commit to a minimum of 2 meetings per month with the mentor/coach to access these additional services. ***

Are there any other perks to getting fieldwork hours with Strive!?

Absolutely!! Not only are you getting a team of Rockstar BCBAs working behind the scenes in providing you with a ton of unrestricted assignments, you will have access to a private Facebook group, a monthly unrestricted hour with other trainees, and a supportive community.

Do I need to have access to clients?

Yes, the supervisor must observe you with a client for at least 1 hour per supervisory period. A client is any person or group of people from whom behavior-analytic services would benefit from. No worries, we will provide you with release forms for Consent for Direct Observation, Audio and/or Visual Recording, and/or Co-Treatment.

When can I start remote BCBA supervision?

Secure a qualified supervisor; if you don’t have access to one, contact Strive! and we can help. If you have not already done so, create a BACB account, and apply under Pathway 1 or 2 (see page 27 for guidance). After attending first class meeting